Dredd Press Pack – Full Of Interesting Things, Like (Yikes) A Full-Film Spoiler

Surely releasing a press pack with this many spoilers should be against the law?


Well, apparently not, since Lionsgate don't seem to be making any move to take it down. This pack contains posters and stills for Pete Travis' Dredd 3D, along with cast and crew interviews and the official trailer. It also contains a synopsis of the entire film from start to end, and therefore spoils every major plot event of a film that won't be released for another two months.

The press pack was discovered by 2000AD blog FCBT on a Colombian film website and appears to be deliberate promotion as opposed to an accidental leak. Even so, it's possible that the pack may be removed from the website if the producers decide they don't want the entire plot of the film available for any old schmuck on the internet to read. If you'd prefer not to spoiled, then simply skip past the synopsis and on to the interviews.