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Seth MacFarlane Calls Out Fox for Family Guy/Tucker Carlson Hypocrisy
So there's the dilemma- a dilemma that hasn't been made any better with Carlson being allowed to trot out a pathetic & dangerously ignorant menagerie of self-serving freaks try to one-up each other in the digital cesspool known as FOX "News." Well, MacFarlane isn't ready to let things go, taking to Twitter on Sunday to[...]
Family Guy Writer, EP Talk Stewie's "Real" Voice, Sexuality and THAT Ending
After 15-1/2 seasons, Fox's Family Guy finally took viewers to the one place the show has resisted going since it premiered in 1999: the mind of Stewie Griffin. But on the occasion of their 300th episode, the Seth MacFarlane series enlisted the help of none other than Sir Ian McKellen to analyze the lovable tyrant.
Is This Lego's Version Of Peter Griffin Vs The Chicken?
The clip appears to be Sensi Wu taking on a chicken and causing mass destruction very reminiscent of Peter Griffin vs the Chicken on Family Guy. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The Lego Ninjago Movie CLIP – Sensei Wu (2017) – Jackie Chan Movie ( [...]