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Booze Geek – Mad Anthony and Pirate Movies
By Dylan Gonzalez Beer: Mad Anthony APA Brewery: Erie Brewing Co. Today, I delve into a bottle of Eerie Brewing Company's Mad Anthony APA.  Unfortunately, it is about as lifeless as the skeleton adorning the bottle. Mad Anthony is amber in color, with a slightly pink hue, and produces a large head that disappears rather quickly.  Its carbonation is[...]
Big Books Monday – Peter Pan, Rasl, Spumco And A Futurama Pizza
She'll get angry about my lack of hairbrush this morning. Anyway, three big books to look at and talk about. First up is Peter Pan by Regis Losiel, created over fourteen years and completed almost a decade ago, finally translated into English and published by Soaring Penguin Press on one thick, rich, gorgeous volume. Losiel has worked for[...]