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Tinker Bell Is Back as Good Smile Company Announces a Re-Release
Good Smile Company has announced the re-release of their Tinker Bell Nendoroid from the animated Disney film Peter Pan She is back once again from 2018 and is packed with just as many accessories as before Tinker Bell will get two face plates featuring smiling upset expressions, which will help show her jealous side Her[...]
Yara Shahidi Has Been Cast as Tinker Bell in the Live-Action Peter Pan
Back in March, we got a casting announcement that Peter Pan and Wendy, which is currently being directed by David Lowery, had found its Peter and Wendy Back in July, there were reports that Jude Law would be playing Captain Hook Today, we got a report from Deadline that Yara Shahidi, from Grown-ish, will be playing Tinker Bell. Yara[...]
Funko Announces Second Wave of Disneyland 65th Anniversary Pops
Toad with Spinning Eyes – ($10.99) Funko Pop! Disney: Disney 65th – Captain Hook – ($10.99) Funko Pop! Disney: Disney 65th – Peter Pan – ($10.99) Funko Pop! Keychain: Disney 65th – Mr Toad ($5.99) Funko Pop! Keychain: Disney 65th – Peter Pan ($5.99) Funko Pop! Keychain: Disney 65th – Alice in Teacup ($5.99) Funko Pop! Keychain Disney 65th – Minnie on Dumbo[...]
Peter Pan concept art by Mary Blair. Image from Heritage Auctions
Blair drew concept art for several classic Disney films, including Peter Pan, Dumbo, Fantasia, Lady and the Tramp, Cinderella, and more She was also pivotal in bringing the classic Disneyland boat ride, It's A Small World, ride to life.  The Disney legend also has a mural, "Mosaic," inside of the Contemporary Resort inside the Walt Disney[...]
Disney's Live-Action Remake of "Peter Pan" Finds Its Peter and Wendy
It seems that Disney has found the stars for yet another of their remakes and this time it's Peter Pan getting the live-action remake treatment. According to Variety Disney has cast Ever Anderson and Alexander Molony to play Wendy and Peter respectively in the upcoming Peter Pan remake which will be called Peter Pan & Wendy. David Lowery, who directed[...]
'Pinocchio' Remake: Disney Brings on Robert Zemeckis to Direct
This is the forth live-action Disney remake being bandied about right now, as Pinocchio joins The Little Mermaid, Bambi, and Peter Pan as the next remakes to be made. One wonders where they might release this one as well Will it go to Disney+? Or will they use one of their many announced release dates for[...]
An Update on the Peter Pan Remake
There is a remake for Peter Pan on the way but we don't know that much about it The producer of A Wrinkle in Time Jim Whitaker recently spoke to at a press event gave an update on the project "Still working on the script, honestly," Whitaker said "But you know David Lowery's work[...]
peter pan pins
Are you a fan of Peter Pan? How about collectible pins? Or even both! Starting February 22nd, guests can get their hands on this amazing Peter Pan pin set, and while it won't take you to Neverland, it will look pretty in your collection! The set of three features Peter and the Darling children flying to[...]
Gritty Peter Pan Comic Reboot 'The Wendy Project' Is In Stores Today
Did you enjoy the original Peter Pan, but felt it focused too much on pixie-dust, magical adventures, everlasting youth and not enough on tragic child death and grief? Well, if the answer to that question was yes, then The Wendy Project may be just the depressing Peter Pan reboot you've been waiting for! In stores today,[...]
The Disney Infinite Doctor Strange That Might Have Been
There was talk of a Peter Pan, a Jafar and a premium Hulk You can find some design art for those figures, but it turns out that there was also a Doctor Strange figure in the works based on the upcoming film with Benedict Cumberbatch The video below, exclusive to Infiniteers Adventures, shows the designs for[...]
The Terror Of Peter Pan
Cody Walker writes, Peter Pan is terrifying to me Sure, as a kid, I wanted to be Peter Pan or at least travel to Neverland and battle pirates But now, I'm frightened at the idea of a 10 year old boy with the powers of a god who treats adults like they are his personal playthings[...]
Bleeding Cosplay – From Evangelion To Tinker Bell Oruha (Clover) – Mitsuno-Queen-Sonoko ( Photographer – Eva Little Liberator Marron (Cardfight!! Vanguard) -The Sabi ( Photographer –  kalaspuff ( Cyborg Tao pai pai – jeffbedash325 ( Photographer – Marie claire marribay Ada Wong Onimusha Soul Version – Shermie-Cosplay ( Photographer –  Victor Hugo Tinker Bell (Peter Pan) –  Correct Tion ( Photographer – Phoenix Chang ( Baby Doll (Sucker Punch) –[...]