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Doctor Who Missing Episodes interview with Philip Morris
That part of the story was true and the man was Philip Morris Though the number confirmed as discovered was far fewer than rumoured, nine in total.  Philip Morris is a media recovery specialist who founded Television International Enterprises Archive (TIEA) to retrieve missing episodes of Doctor Who He was able to recover nine missing Doctor[...]
Anthony Horowitz Responds To Philip Morris Over Doctor Who Showrunner Rumours
Yesterday, as part of a series of Facebook posts in which Doctor Who Missing Episode recoverer Philip Morris talked trash about Steven Moffat's run on the show, Morris reported what he claimed were well sourced rumours regarding Moffat's replacement on Doctor Who as showrunner, namely Anthony Horowitz. He then tweeted the rumour to UK journalists on[...]
Those Doctor Who Missing Episodes Rumours Get Another Injection Of Reality
And tons and tons and tons of it had been coming in from Africa to Philip Morris and his company TIEA, set up to mirror the original TIEA distributor of such BBC material around the world. Morris denied it all… until he was named as the man who had recovered the recently released nine episodes of[...]
Dad's Army – The Smoking Gun For Doctor Who Missing Episodes?
Few Patrick Troughton stories have been recovered sadly, so no Fury from the Deep, Abominable Snowmen, or Evil Of The Daleks. And while Philip Morris continued to deny any knowledge or involvement, I understand he may be giving an exclusive interview about all this to Starburst Magazine… All this remains unconfirmed rumour, of course, and may well[...]
Film archivist Philip Morris of the Television International Enterprise Archive, who has spent decades travelling the world looking for… lets call it "insecure media", has issued the following statement, regarding his believed involvement in the recovery of a large amount of missing Doctor Who episodes. Much of it is is capitals. A BRIEF STATEMENT . T.I.E.A DOES NOT[...]
The Doctor Who Missing Episodes Rumour Gains A Little More Weight. Three Tons Worth.
So yes I now really believe he has found 90 missing episodes — Ian Levine (@IanLevine) June 18, 2013   And why? Well, he's probably talking about this; There are details online of a shipment to archivist Philip Morris, who has traveled Africa and beyond looking for all sorts of missing footage Someone who, after appearing on a 2009[...]