6 Doctor Who Missing Episodes Known to be in Private Collections?

In June 2013, Bleeding Cool ran a story reporting gossip that a bunch of Doctor Who's missing episodes had been discovered by an engineer touring the broadcasters of Africa. That part of the story was true and the man was Philip Morris. Though the number confirmed as discovered was far fewer than rumoured, nine in total. 

Philip Morris is a media recovery specialist who founded Television International Enterprises Archive (TIEA) to retrieve missing episodes of Doctor Who. He was able to recover nine missing Doctor Who episodes found in Nigeria, from stories The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear. He also successfully recovered content from The Basil Brush Show and The Sky at Night. Later he would state that he also had found a tenth episode, also from The Web Of Fear, but that it had gone missing. Currently, 97 episodes across 27 stories remain lost.

Doctor Who Missing Episodes, Interviewed

Today he gave an interview about his life and work with Jason Clifford for Fantom Events on YouTube. Philip Morris was asked about the current status of the still-missing episodes. Morris said "I have a lot of friends who are collectors and I will tell you straight away now that at least six episodes – missing episodes exist – to my knowledge in the hands of private collectors. I won't name them. I've said to them, you know, your best thing, why didn't you get it back to the BBC and you know that you know that they're not very certain of how they'd be treated, and the one thing they always say to me is well you've returned lots of episodes and look how you've been treated."

"My answer to that is always that's a minority of people that's not the majority. I'll tell you now I've met the majority of Doctor Who fans they are the most articulate wonderful loving creative people you could ever meet and they there in all walks of life they really are wonderful wonderful people you know."

He also said he believes there are missing episodes in Australia in private collectors hands. His current method is to wait, for everything to work its way out. You can watch the full video below. He also talks about what happened to that missing tenth episode as well.

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