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Echo To Release Limited Pink Floyd Art Prints, WolfSkullJack Up Friday
Echo Print Gallery is teaming with artists throughout the year to present new prints celebrating iconic band Pink Floyd Each print will be a work inspired by the band and their music, and first up is a killer piece by uber-talented artist WolfSkullJack Her piece will pay tribute to their show from October 13th, 1973,[...]
Short program score of 83.90, earns 161.04 for a total of 244.94 Junhwan Cha of Korea with a nice clean skate, earned 83.43 in the short program, tonight earns 165.16 for a total of 248.59 Brendan Kerry of Australia skating his Pink Floyd program which kicks off with "Shine On", some nicely timed jumps Short program score[...]
Doctor Strange Comics Inspire New Concept Hip-Hop EP
Art from Doctor Strange was mixed into the cover of Pink Floyd's second album A Saucerful of Secrets The planets in the dark swash, Living Tribunal top left and Doctor Strange on the far right middle. But now two veterans of the Northwest Hip-Hop scene, DJ China White and True Heart Master, have put together a concept[...]
A Semi-Coherent Glossary For The London Olympic Closing Ceremony
Wish he was there to provide a bit more of the text too. Annie Lennox sings Little Bird while on a chariot to hell. Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here, performed by a whole bunch of people who aren't from Floyd – Ed Sheeran singing, Mike Rutherford from Genesis; and one who is –  Nick[...]