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Mezco Toyz Debuts Pink Skulls Chaos Club Unholy Encore Capsule
The Pink Skulls Chaos Club is back and ready for an encore with Mezco Toyz latest Rumble Society release It was not long ago that we saw the long-awaited return of the Pink Skulls with a fantastic new set of figures Mezco is back with a second release with some updated swamped, colored instruments and[...]
The Rumble Society’s Pink Skulls Chaos Club Returns to Mezco Toyz
It has finally happened; Mezco Toyz has unveiled a new set of the Rumble Society Pink Skulls Chaos Club! The Pink Skulls Chaos Club is easily one of the rarest sets from Mezco's original "Gomezverse" These skulls are beloved by many fans, and they sold out fast with their original releases in 2019, and we[...]