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The Yin-Yang Master Yanked from China Theaters, Ripped off Doctor Strange
In fact, many people in China have charged that his entire career is based on plagiarism He issued a public apology last Thursday for plagiarizing part of another author's work Guo admitted he had copied Zhuang Yu's novel In and Out of the Circle for his bestselling novel 2003 Never Flowers in Never Dreams (which[...]
The Jim Shooter Files: Plagiarism
Plagiarism. We're against it Vehemently I can't believe that I actually have to tell people this, but several instances in the past two years have demonstrated that it's necessary. I think that these instances were largely unintentional in that the people involved apparently didn't realize what they were doing or the possible ramifications of their actions[...]
Mobile Game Pigeon Pop Gets Caught Stealing Artwork
I'm victime of plagiarism. A page totally copied my art to make a mobile game with it I want you to be aware of this and my situation, no artists on the internet deserve such disrespect #important #artist — Kéké (@Kekeflipnote) February 23, 2018 Kéké is not involved with the game in any manner, which was[...]
"Authorship Is Censorship" – Bleeding Cool In Conversation With Shia LaBeouf
Photo by Georges Biard Almost two years ago, writer/director/actor/comics creator  Shia LaBeouf contacted Bleeding Cool about the mini-comics he was creating and selling at Meltdown Comics in LA. After the skywriting stunt yesterday, and the continual "repurposed" apologies to Dan Clowes from other people, over the plagiarism of Clowes' work in LaBeouf's most recent short film, I[...]