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Thank FOC It's Friday – Take The Plunge
how will it leave Wally West? Legion Of Super-Heroes bumped with #3 – how are your numbers for #4? Joe Hill and Stuart Immonen are launching Plunge #1 Stuart Immonen everyone….. Image Comics is launching Chuck Brown and Prenzy's On The Stump #1. Undiscovered Country #4 is up – as #1 goes to fourth printing and #3 to second… American[...]
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He is the artist of Joe Hill's new comic book for the Hill Horror Comics imprint of DC Comics Black Label, Plunge. Best known for his exceptional work on Nextwave, Ultimate X-Men, The New Avengers, Dear Itself, Superman, Star Wars, and Ultimate Spider-Man, co-creator of Shockrockets and Empress, he has mostly worked for Marvel Comics in[...]
Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for August 20-26, 2019
Blaster (Switch) ONINAKI (PC, PS4, Switch) Path of Sin: Greed (Switch) SEGA AGES Puyo Puyo (Switch) SEGA AGES Space Harrier (Switch) credit//Square Enix August 23rd Dead Cells – Action Game of The Year (PS4, Switch) Gurgamoth (Switch) Injection (PS4) Plunge (Switch) Telling Lies (PC) Tokyo Chronos (PS4) Whipseey and the Lost Atlas (XB1) While everyone is writing up Gamescom 2019 news this week, we still have a bunch[...]