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#PoisonIvyLeague, This One's For You, On Her 50th Birthday
#dcyou #poisonivyleague — ProseAic (@RosePries) June 16, 2015 Well, Poison Ivy Leaguers, from today's Poison Ivy #4, this is for you….  Seriously, I really think this is for you. UPDATE: Of course not everyone feels this way. https://twitter.com/aero_quinno/status/722775538268577792 The Poison Ivy League is a social media campaign to promote the character of Poison Ivy, celebrating her 50th birthday today, and[...]
DC Comics Admit The Fan Campaigns Work, From #PoisonIvyLeague To #SaveConstantine
And that was just one person. In a end-of-year blogpost, DC Comics admitted that fan protests can make a big difference, highlighting the use of the #PoisonIvyLeague hashtag on Twitter that saw a Poison Ivy mini-series launching in January "have you looked at the #DCYou hashtag lately? Nearly half of what appears in it is Poison Ivy-related[...]
So… What About Poison Ivy Then? #poisonivyleague
But her current appearances in DC Comics are rather limited of late, since Birds Of Prey went away (though with stellar guest starness in recent Harley Quinn). There's a large social media presence for #poisonivyleague who seem to be doing a fine job of taking over #DCYOU for themselves recently in service of this campaign[...]