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David Dastmalchian
He reveals what it was like auditioning for Christopher Nolan to appear in The Dark Knight, and confirms his role of Polka-Dot Man in James Gunn's upcoming film The Suicide Squad for WB, too. But, DUNE! "I'm playing Piter De Vries, who is a sadistic human computer who is so driven by an intention that is quite different than[...]
Wait, Polka-Dot Man Will Be in 'Suicide Squad' 2?
There has been no greater villain to face off against the Caped Crusader in his 8 decades of crime fighting than the perilous… Polka-Dot Man? //Credit: DC Comics He's so nefarious, he's only appeared a dozen times since his debut in 1962 What does the Polka-Dot Man do? Well, whatever a Polka-Dot does, I guess. All joking aside, Abner[...]