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DONTNOD Entertainment Will Start Publishing Third-Party Games
The French independent developer and publisher also revealed their first game in this new venture will be with Danish games development studio PortaPlay, with who they will collaborate on an upcoming co-production Neither company went into any kind of detail or even remotely commented on what kind of game they are working on or any[...]
Broken Lines Receives The Dead & The Drunk Campaign
Publisher Super.com and developer PortaPlay have released The Dead & The Drunk campaign for Broken Lines this past week This new campaign is going to test your skills as a tactician and a survivalist as you will be dealing with two problems at once In the middle of a conflict with three sides that you'll[...]
"Broken Lines" Receives A New Character Trailer
PortaPlay and Super.com have released a brand new trailer this week for Broken Lines, showing off the characters you'll be working with in the game The upcoming tactical RPG will throw you into the heart of the battle during an alternate World War II, where you'll lead a group of British soldiers stuck behind enemy[...]
"Broken Lines" Is Coming To The Switch & PC In 2020
PortaPlay along with Super.com announced that they will be publishing Broken Lines for both the PC and Nintendo Switch in early 2020 The game will put you in an altenrative version of WWII as you have to deal with a different kind of threat in this tactical RPG Your own hopes and fears become your[...]