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Comic Book Publishers Not Paying Comic Book Creators: Part Two
Yesterday, Bleeding Cool reported on comic book creator Will Robson, talking about payment issues he is having with comic book publishers, which saw many other comic book creators share their own horror stories. That included comic book writer Zac Thompson, who we quoted as saying, "I've had two books completely fall apart this year because of[...]
2021 Will Look Very Different For Publishers and Comic Shops Alike
A couple of weeks ago, Trustbridge Global Media bought small British publishers Walker Books, which also owns Candlewick Press, which is based in Somerville, Massachusetts It didn't get a lot of press at the time, there were a few other things going on Trustbridge said they were planning no changes to how Walker Books operated[...]
French Publishers To Boycott Angoulême Unless Changes Are Made
After a number of embarrassing events in recent weeks, a conglomerate of large and small publishers have called for the Angoulême festival to undergo a radical overhaul supervised by someone appointed by the Minister of Culture. In a statement released yesterday, 41 comic book publishers announced that they have decided not to participate next year if a change isn't[...]
Diamond Halts All Shipments Of Graphic Novels To Borders. Apocalyptic Wave Of Returns Expected
Today, Diamond Book Distributors informed publishers that, as of last week, they had stopped supplying graphic novels/collections to the Borders bookstore chain. They confirmed that this was as result of Borders suspending payments to suppliers, and this included Diamond. I cannot emphasise the seriousness of this situation enough Most comics publishers use Diamond Book Distribution, at least[...]