Comic Book Creator Arrested On Suspicion Of Rape And Of Murder

She had apparently suffered blunt force trauma to the head, Coleman said.According to sheriff's officials, Leibel was arrested by LAPD just last week on a felony rape charge He was out on bail at the time of Kasian's killing.The victim in the rape case was not known. Blake Leibel also wrote for the Spaceballs cartoon and[...]

The Aquaman Story That Will Launch A Thousand Headlines (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Rape Which caused much more discussion in comics of late in Amazing Spider-Man, Batwoman and Superior Spider-Man.So, yes, under any real definition, Aquaman has been raped, even though the act in the moment was consensual, it wasn't informed Another change to add to the list And I think the conversation about this has just begun.Comics courtesy of[...]

Putting The Consent Back Into Batwoman (SPOILERS)

When Doc Octopus took over Peter Parker's mind in Superior Spider-Man, there was concern regarding the character's relationship with women who knew the character before the mindswap, and whether it would qualify as rape Indeed, a cover with Superior Spider-Man kissing Mary Jane caused a little furore At the time I pointed out that the[...]


So there's been a little social media storm over recent issues of Captain America written by Rick Remender. The problem? It goes like this. Jet Black is the daughter of big bad Zola. The argument goes that we first meet her as a young girl, she spends time in  Dimension Z for twelve years and, […]

Rape, He Wrote.

From Gail Simone's legendary Women In Refrigerators in 1999, Mark Millar told her; "Granted, the female stuff has more of a sexual violence theme and this is something people should probably watch out for, but rape is a rare thing in comics and is seldom done in an exploitative way." He might have added "yet" to the[...]

Rape, Redemption And The Superior Spider-Man (Spoilers)

On Boxing Day, I wrote; Superior Spider-Man #1 looks to be, in many ways, a tale of redemption. Someone trying to change and be a better man. Knowing what he knows now, experiencing what he has now experienced, will he choose to decline what is being offered to him? We had to wait a little […]

Rape, Redemption And The Amazing Spider-Man (Spoilers)

Go no further if not...As has been stated a number of times "If you have to ask if it's rape, then..." But this is superhero comics, which brings in whole new levels of circumstances Or does it?In the new Amazing Spider-Man #700, as it begins we meet Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man, with Doctor Octopus[...]

That Doonesbury Cartoon

One line from an upcoming cartoon "By the authority invested in me by the GOP base, I thee rape" is likely to cause considerably more fuss, as will the questionnaire line "How long have you been a slut?"But with other satirical sources such as The Colbert Report and Saturday Night Live, able to topically turn[...]

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Friday Runaround – From Stan Lee To Hiroshima

I draw from a child's point of view, which is probably a significant factor to attracting young readers, but much of the dialogue is beyond a small child's scope of understanding. Rape suspect arrested after standoff with city police A standoff between St Louis police officers and a man wanted on several charges including rape ended peacefully[...]