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Bleeding Cool's Best Publisher Of 2014

Lots of comic book publishers are publishing lots of great comics. But in 2014, there was one that stood out head and shoulders above the rest in the English-speaking market. Image Comics. Month after month, they launched quality comics such as┬áDeadly Class, Minimum Wage, Egos, The Fuse, Undertow, Revenger, Apocalypse Al, Mercenary Sea, One Hit […]

Dave Gibbons And Jock Draw Covers For Bryan Hitch's Real Heroes

Here are the newly revealed covers for Bryan Hitch's Real Heroes #2 by his best buddies Dave Gibbons and Jock. The second issue of Hitch's superheroic version of Galaxy Quest (with subtle clues as to his work on the Fantastic Four movie) gets its Final Order Cut-Off date on Monday Which means, if you want […]