Red Sonja / Conan

Process Art For Comic Block's Exclusive Red Sonja / Conan Cover

Here is the process art for Brent Peeples' cover for the Comic Block exclusive Red Sonja / Conan #1 from Dynamite Entertainment and Dark Horse This comic is included in the Comic Block shipping next week.For more information on how to get this cover, check out is the process art for[...]

Exclusive First Look At New The Shadow and Red Sonja / Conan Series

The first being a new The Shadow series by Cullen Bunn and Giovanni Timpano and the second is the flip of the deal with Dark Horse as we get Red Sonja / Conan four-issue series by Victor Gischler and Roberto Castro.The Shadow Vol 2 #1 Cover: Jackson Guice Writer: Cullen Bunn Art: Giovanni TimpanoA ruthless cabal[...]