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The King’s Beast: Viz Media Launches Sequel to Dawn of the Arcana
Popular mangaka Rei Toma's new series The King's Beast Vol 1 hits the ground running with a tale of palace intrigue, assassination, class warfare, secret identities, romance, and revenge Set in the same fantasy world as her previous bestselling manga Dawn of the Arcana, The King's Beast is a darker, more intense tale. "The King's Beast[...]
Viz Discounts Rei Toma’s Popular Manga Ahead of Her New Series
New York Times bestselling creator Rei Toma has a new manga series, The King's Beast, launching in English this week Her publisher Viz Media just announced that they are offering a digital sale of her previous, hugely popular series, The Water Dragon's Bride and The Dawn of the Arcana, on their official Twitter feed. Rei Toma[...]
The King’s Beast: Viz Media Launches Sequel to Dawn of the Arcana
While Caesar is pleasing to the eye, he is also selfish and possessive, telling Nakaba outright: "You are my property." With only her attendant Loki at her side, Nakaba must find a way to cope with her hostile surroundings, her fake marriage…and a mysterious power!" Now creator Rei Toma brings a new story and characters set[...]
Viz Media Releases November 2019 Manga and Art Book Titles
11 By Rei Toma Facing the gravity of his impending demise, the water dragon god vows that he will send Asahi back to her world before all his power disappears As Asahi struggles to find a way to stay with him, she can't deny that the day when they must part is coming Is it truly the[...]