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Remedy's Mysterious Next Game, Project 7, Will Be Published Exclusively By 505 Games
  Publisher 505 Games has entered an agreement with Remedy Entertainment which states that 505 will be publishing Remedy's next title Pretty neat stuff for 505 Games Remedy's next title is currently called Project 7 which is a pretty ambiguous working title, if we're being honest The project is described as a "a cinematic third person action[...]
Remedy Entertainment Has A Quantum Break Launch Message And Trailer For You
Quantum Break is out today, which will please the Xbox One, PC (although I've heard the game has problems on the platform) and Remedy Entertainment fans While I wasn't bowled over at the outing, plenty of outlets were and I hope a bunch of people have a good time with it. For those of you ready[...]
Quantum Break Review – Perhaps Not This Time
Remedy Entertainment are a very good studio The developer has never quite reached the superstar status of your Rockstars, your Bungies or your Naughty Dogs, but their output speaks to a very talented team The creators of Alan Wake and Max Payne, they have a real knack for storytelling in an action third person game and[...]
Quantum Break Only Runs At 720p Says Report But It Is Still 'Stunning'
A report has come out that says that Xbox One console exclusive Quantum Break mostly runs at 720p. Digital Foundry had done tests on Remedy Entertainment's new title and have found that the game mostly runs at lower resolution They say: In every scene tested so far, a native resolution of 720p is the consistent result found in each[...]
Possible 'Alan Wake's Return' Trademark Filed
As pointed out by NeoGAF and then by VideoGamer, this trademark on the European Union trademark database suggests that Remedy Entertainment are intending to do something with the name Alan Wake's Return, which lines up with what I expected to be the developer's next game. Having said that, this wouldn't be the first time a fraudulent trademark for[...]
Quantum Break Has Gone Gold
Quantum Break is only just around the corner now, with Remedy Entertainment bringing their new IP to Xbox and PC users alike The time bending game stars Shawn Ashmore trying to timey wimey his way to revenge It looks pretty neat. And today, the game has gone off to be distributed onto discs and get into[...]