The Deadpool Bootleggers at Rose City Comic Con

Case Crusaders are a phone case-selling company, which sell their wares at a number of comic cons, including ACE Comic Con, Fan EXPO Canada, Fan EXPO Dallas and Rhode Island Comic Con. Well, friend-of-Bleeding Cool, comic book and movie poster artist Diana Greenhalgh, and regular convention guest and exhibitor, attended Rose City Comic Con in […]

ACBC Offers Deal To RICC Survivors – Including Rocket Raccoon

Michael McDermott writes for Bleeding Cool Rich was right, Rocket broke my heart. And not just mine. In an attempt to soothe the sting felt by all the RICC attendees left out in the cold at the show up there recently, I reached out to the fine folks at Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, running May 14-17, 2015 in […]

Rhode Island Comic Con Makes Full Apology, But Questions Still Need To Be Answered

Posted to their Facebook page, the Rhode Island Comic Con has made a full statement regarding the weekend's "hiccup". On behalf of everyone at the 2014 Rhode Island Comic Con, please accept our heartfelt, sincere apology for the numerous and unacceptable issues that arose during this past weekend's convention held at the RI Convention Center on […]

Rhode Island Comic Con, Its 'Hiccup' And A Very Sad Rocket Raccoon

On the con floor #ricomiccon pic.twitter.com/rLyo9so3Ue — Eliza Dushku (@elizadushku) November 1, 2014 It's not the worst problem for a Comic Con to have. Overcrowding means that you have a success, a hit, a place people really want to go to and will line up for hours to do so. It happened to New York […]