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These 7 Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Photos Mean Something

In the summer of 1977, director Steven Spielberg astounded audiences with his seminal science fiction classic Close Encounters of The Third Kind. Sony Pictures has been working hard on a theatrical release of the film, their viral marketing campaign from earlier this year causing fans to believe a sequel was in the works instead. Author Michael Klastorin has […]

'Spielberg': HBO Releases First Trailer for Steven Spielberg Doc

  For nearly 50 years, Steven Spielberg has changed the way we experience movies. Through films as diverse as Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Schindler's List and Bridge of Spies, Spielberg has mostly let his craft to the talking for him…until now. The director finds himself in front of the camera as the […]

This Means Something: Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Sequel?

40 years ago Steven Spielberg's ufo film Close Encounters of the Third Kind informed us we were not alone.  Since then, we've watched the skies, waiting for some sign.  Will that patience pay off? Today, the day after World UFO Day, this strange video appeared on Sony Entertainment's youtube channel with the title, "This means something": can't be […]

Richard Dreyfuss For Jupiter's Legacy?

I once ballsed up a politics paper at University by contrasting different political views of two different Chinese politicians without realising it was the same politician spelt differently. Now I do it for a living. It's such a lazy form of journalism, to take something someone said one day and then contrasting it with something […]

Second Red Trailer: John Malkovich vs. Senility

This is my second consecutive post to contain a trailer for a movie called Red, and it appears to be a bit of a step up from the previous one. This Red is the Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner one, now becoming a Robert Schwentke movie with John Malkovich, Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, […]