This Means Something: Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Sequel?

40 years ago Steven Spielberg's ufo film Close Encounters of the Third Kind informed us we were not alone.  Since then, we've watched the skies, waiting for some sign.  Will that patience pay off?

Today, the day after World UFO Day, this strange video appeared on Sony Entertainment's youtube channel with the title, "This means something":

Obviously it's a little secretive, but hardcore fans of the 1977 film will recognize the phrase immediately from Richard Dreyfuss's character's mashed potato sculpture during dinner after his own close encounter.

The text below the video urges viewers to visit a We Are Still Not Alone website, which prompts the user to enter their email address to learn about UFO sightings.  There is also a PG rating down in at the bottom left hand corner of the website's main page, listing "some intense sci-fi action, mild language, and thematic elements."

There have been rumblings for decades about a sequel to Close Encounters.  Spielberg even went so far as to have famed effects man Rick Baker whip up some aliens in the early 80s for use in a continuation story.  Of course, we got E.T. in 1982, but the possibility of telling the next chapter of Roy Neary's journey with the friendly reticulans.

Another notable thing in this under a minute video that maybe you missed the first time, a flash of another familiar scene from the original movie:

This Means Something: Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Sequel?
Screengrab from the new video
This Means Something: Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Sequel?
"Where did the sound come from?" scene from the original movie

Timing aside, the use of the world "still" in website leads this writer to believe in the likelihood this will be a sequel project, rather than a reboot.  Yes, we all know how Sony likes their reboots, but the care and time put into this one points towards continuation rather than retelling.

Hopefully we'll learn more about this project ahead of the film's 40th anniversary on November 16th, 1977.

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