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Everything Wrong With I Am Legend
Based on the Richard Matheson 1954 novel of the same name, it's actually the third time it was adapted The first was in 1964 starring Vincent Price and called The Last Man On Earth and then there was the 1971 version starring Charlton Heston called The Omega Man The 2007 Will Smith version did pretty[...]
Moonstone Brings A Double Dose Of Kolchak: The Night Stalker
The story is written by horror legend Richard Matheson and adapted by Chris Mills and Amin Amat. KOLCHAK the Night Stalker: Passages of the Macabre Authors: Ed Gorman, CJ Henderson, Nancy Holder Art: Bryon Winton 280pgs, 6" x 9", sc, $16.95 ISBN: 978-1-936814-96-1 (51695) TV's first paranormal investigator returns! This collection of BRAND NEW Kolchak short prose fiction stories is a real[...]