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Haunting of the Mary Celeste Too Safe Supernatural Thriller [REVIEW]
The researcher Rachel (Emily Swallow of Supernatural and The Mandalorian) theorizes the original crew of the Mary Celeste might have incidentally traveled through a rift by accident. Emily Swallow as Rachel and Richard Roundtree as Tulls in Haunting of the Mary Celeste Image courtesy of Vertical EntertainmentJoining Rachel are Aldo (Pierre Adele), Grant (Dominic DeVore), and[...]
Shaft… We're Just Talking About A Reboot
In 1971 Richard Roundtree starred in Gordon Park's classic blaxploitation film (and two sequels) and then in 2000, John Singleton helmed a remake with Samuel L Jackson playing the nephew of John Shaft. The new film has a script by Kenya Barris and Alex Barnow, but the plot is being kept tightly underwraps.   Story last directed Ride[...]
"I Grew Up Watching The Movies And Reading The Books" – David Walker Talks Shaft
Dynamite Entertainment recently announced a new comic series based on the chararacter of John Shaft made famous in film by Richard Roundtree David Walker is the writer who gets to bring Shaft to the comic book pages and Westfield Comics' Roger Ash talked to him about the upcoming series. ROGER ASH: Shaft is known to many[...]