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Robert Shearman's Dalek was the topic of this week's Doctor Who rewatch, courtesy of BBC.
Joining the festivities were episode writer Robert Shearman as well as Dalek voice actor Nicholas Briggs and Dalek performer Barnaby Edwards To mark the occasion, Andrew Ireland wrote and directed the prologue "Sven and the Scarf" that introduced Adam Mitchell's predecessor at GeoComTex, Sven (Leo Flanagan) Not to be outdone, Shearman and Cook released script extracts[...]
Rose confronts a Dalek on Doctor Who, courtesy of BBC Studios.
Writer Robert Shearman will join the rewatch to livetweet along with Dalek voice Nicholas Briggs and Dalek performer Barnaby Edwards The rewatch will take place on Thursday, April 30th at 7 pm British Standard Time (that would be 2 pm US Eastern Time) Viewers can follow the livetweet via the hashtag #TheMetaltron. Rose confronts a Dalek[...]