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Roberto Castro Early Work, The Enchanters, Available Now From Hexagon
Roberto Castro, best known for his works for Dynamite Entertainment on comics including Lord Of The Jungle, Elvira, Red Sonja and plenty of covers is also the artist on a graphic novel, The Enchanters, being repackaged for the US market and in English, courtesy of Jean-Marc Lofficier's Hexagon Comics USA It's part of a growing[...]
Cover and interiors by Roberto Castro. * * * * * Here's a look inside my head and some of the thinking that went into my script for the Pathfinder Worldscape: Warlord of Mars one-shot This issue is part of four one-shot adventures spinning off of last year's Pathfinder Worldscape fantasy crossover six-issue series, with each issue in[...]
But Sheena is not the only one hunting for the missing man… And like most Dynamite books, especially #1's, there are some retailer incentive covers — including a cool looking black and white version of the Roberto Castro cover You can win a copy of the book with that cover from Dynamite just for retweeting this[...]
Jesse Hamm On Co-Writing And Drawing Flash Gordon: Kings Cross
Jesse Hamm talks to Byron Brewer about Flash Gordon: Kings Cross #4, on sale in February from Dynamite. Cover by Roberto Castro. BYRON BREWER: So, Jesse, as you near the penultimate issue of this series, how fun has it been to work on this wonderfully retro SF piece with Jeff Parker? JESSE HAMM: It's been a blast[...]
Sheena Kicks Butt In Lords Of The Jungle Preview
Written by Corinna Bechko (Aliens/Vampirella) with interior art by Roberto Castro, Lords of the Jungle features two covers for its first issue, by series artist Castro and industry legend Alex Ross.. Tarzan has long been the protector of his jungle stronghold, but this time the fight has to be taken to his enemy's territory, deep in[...]
A Look Inside Red Sonja / Conan #4 With Art By Robert Castro
Here we get a look at Roberto Castro's original black and white art and then with colors by Alex Guimaraes Based on a script by Victor Gischler. Red Sonja and Conan have stormed a fortress intent on finding and stopping the wizard Kal'Ang They are startled to discover an even greater foe from their past[...]
A Look Inside Red Sonja / Conan #3
And we have a look at the process art for Red Sonja/Conan #3 from Roberto Castro colors by Alex Guimaraes It's based on a script by Victor Gischler. For years, the old blind Seer has helped the wizard Kal'Ang climb to power, but just when Kal'Ang needs him the most, the Seer tells the wizard he must[...]
Red Sonja / Conan #2 Process Art By Robert Castro
The issue is written by Victor Gischler and drawn by Roberto Castro. Red Sonja awakes bloodied and bruised to find she's missed the end of an epic battle As she pieces together what happened, she discovers that Conan is missing and a local wizard has used bloodroot to create a terrible weapon. For more information on Red[...]
Victor Gischler's Writer Commentary on Red Sonja / Conan #1
Art is by Roberto Castro. Page 1 – Joe and I had discussed that it would be better to have some connective tissue between Zub and Simone's arc and mine.  So I wanted to take us back to the city where their story started and even use one of the characters – the spoiled prince.  I[...]
Vampirella Climbs Into The Box Of Dread
The issue will have an exclusive cover to Dread Central drawn by Roberto Castro and you are getting an exclusive first look at it here. For more information or to sign up for the Box of Dread, click here. Like Loot Crate, the web site Dread Central is offering up their own monthly box of random[...]
Westfield Comics Gives Away Turok #1 Variant And 50% Off Gold Key #1s
That is Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Solar: Man of the Atom, Magnus: Robot Hunter and Doctor Spektor. Second thing is that all orders sent out in February will include a copy of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #1 with the Westfield Comics variant cover by Roberto Castro. So if you are looking to try out these classic comics during their[...]