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Jeff in the Jurassic by Royden Lepp
Jeff in the Jurassic is the first of a young middle-grade graphic novel trilogy by the creator of Rust, Royden Lepp. Jeff is an alien with a mission, but nothing ever goes the way he wants it to Now he's crash-landed on the very planet he's supposed to destroy, and he's stuck with the locals—the local[...]
Get Excited For Rust All Over Again With Their Softcover Program
Boom! Studios is excited to announce the March 2016 release of Royden Lepp's Rust: The Boy Soldier, the vanguard of a new softcover program for the Archaia imprint The book will collect the prelude stories from the first three original graphic novels (Rust: Visitor in the Field, Rust: Secrets of the Cell, and Rust: Death[...]
San Diego Debut: Rust: Visitor In The Field by Royden Lepp
Debuting at San Diego Comic Con… strong>Title: Rust: Visitor In The Field Creators: Royden Lepp Publisher: Archaia Available: Booth #2635 High concept: a high-octane adventure set in the prairie lands of an unknown time Life on the Taylor family farm was difficult enough before Jet Jones crashes into the barn, chased by a giant decommissioned [...]