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Marvel Puts 19 Digital-Only Comics Into Print After All
These included Ant-Man, Avengers Of The Wastelands, Ghost-Spider, Ruins Of Ravencroft, 2020 Ironheart, 2020 Force Works, The Black Cat Strikes, Hawkeye Freefall, Star, Scream: Curse Of Carnage, Valkyrie and Revenge of Cosmic Ghost Rider. Marvel Comics will be telling retailers the good news, that they will be publishing those issues in print after all, nineteen of[...]
The Ravencroft Tease For The Return Of Knull
The Ruins Of Ravencroft mini-series span out of the Absolute Carnage event, the location for the symbiotic takeover and summoning of the great of Knull to Earth, by Cletus Kasady and the Carnage symbiote, and all its children Ravencroft was destroyed, the mini-series has excavated its history, rewriting the Marvel Universe and inserting Knull into[...]
Marvel Ch-Ch-Changes to New Mutants,
Martinez and Natacha Bustos. Maybe that's partially because Ray Anthony-Height will now be drawing Miles Morales: Spider-Man #14 alongside another artist and replacing the previously solicited Javier Garron. While Angel Unzueta will be joining both Ruins Of Ravencroft: Dracula and Ruins Of Ravencroft: Sabretooth… probably a back-up story crossing all the Ruins Of Ravencroft titles? [...]