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Farewell Sarah Jane Reveals Tegan and Nyssa are a Couple, and More.
Russell T Davies has put together a final quarter-of-an-hour episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures in isolation The Doctor Who spinoff he created starred Elisabeth Sladen reprising her Doctor Who character from the seventies and eighties concluded with the actors' death in 2011 Today however we learned that Sarah Jane died with her too, and[...]
Russell T. Davies presents the new mini-episode "Farewell, Sarah Jane," courtesy of the BBC.
With this weekend being David Tennant's birthday, it seemed as good a time as any for Cook and "Team TARDIS" to run another global rewatch, with the appropriately-chosen "The Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End". Sarah Jane and K-9 await where the TARDIS will take them next, courtesy of BBC America. Former showrunner Davies and director Graeme Harper[...]
Doctor Who: Scratchman- 4th Doctor Tom Baker Reads New Who Novel, Answers Fan Questions
In Doctor Who: Scratchman, the Doctor, Sarah Jane and Harry Sullivan meet the Devil As you can see from the official synopsis below, hilarity ensues: BBC/Penguin Random House The Doctor, Harry and Sarah Jane Smith arrive at a remote Scottish island, when their holiday is cut short by the appearance of strange creatures – hideous scarecrows, who[...]
Doctor Who Series 12 Hiatus Hijinks: What to Watch While We Wait…And Wait
Think Buffy The Vampire Slayer meets Doctor Who. Amazon can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Class Trailer (Official) ( If you Prefer A Younger Target Audience (or Classic Doctor Who): The Sarah Jane Adventures – Former companion to the Third and Fourth Doctors, Sarah Jane Smith is now all grown up and an investigative journalist and saving the world from[...]