Farewell Sarah Jane Reveals Tegan and Nyssa are a Couple, and More

Russell T Davies has put together a final quarter-of-an-hour episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures in isolation. The Doctor Who spinoff he created starred Elisabeth Sladen reprising her Doctor Who character from the seventies and eighties concluded with the actors' death in 2011. Today however we learned that Sarah Jane died with her too, and this is her funeral. A way to say goodbye to both.

Narrated by Jacob Dudman, known for voicing the roles of various Doctors for Big Finish audio dramas. It also includes the appearance of cast from the show, such as Mina Anwar as Gita, Daniel Anthony as Clyde, Tommy Knight as Luke, Anjli Mohindra as Rani, as well as a number of guest-stars companions from across the decades. Sophie Alred as Ace – or rather Dorothy now, and Katy Manning as Jo.

It also gave some histories to the characters that is familiar to those who may recall this scene from Sarah Jane Adventures, when she talked about other companions to the Doctor and what had happened to them in their later life. This time we got a few more. Kate Lethbridge-Stewart from UNIT, Captain Jack, Tegan and Nyssa, Ben and Polly, Ian and Barbara, Martha, Mickey and their son August, Dodo, Grace Holloway, Liz Shaw, Victoria and Sky… and even the Trickster. Lots and lots of names.

But yes, that means to Martha and Mickey, we have a son, August Smith. Or August Jones. However that works. But we also have Tegan and Nyssa, described as a couple from Australia. Both companions from the Fourth and Fifth Doctors together, and now it seems, together. Ace has K9 now. While her adoptive son Luke has been married to his husband for five years. It seems that Sarah Jane did indeed do her research meeting all the other companions from her Doctors, and others too. Now they are here to celebrate the life of Sarah Jane – and also of Lis Sladen as well, of course.

We also had a video from Lis's daughter Sadie Miller, who now plays Sarah Jane in the Big Finish audios.

There's going to be a Twitter simulcast in an hour's time of The Stolen Earth and Journey's End, the episodes of Doctor Who that crossed over with The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood. Russell T Davies, Graeme Harper, David Tennant and Catherine Tate will be tweeting along. You'll be needing the tissues for that as well.


Farewell Sarah Jane Reveals Tegan and Nyssa are a Couple, and More.
Farewell Sarah Jane Reveals Tegan and Nyssa are a Couple, and More. Art from BBC YouTube.

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