Sarah Vaughn

Eternal Empire #8 cover by Jonathan Luna

Eternal Empire #8 Review: Unique Fantasy but With Stiff Art and Awkward Flow

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Our heroes arrive at Jiaga Pass and near the Empire and their forces. They hope to be able to save their homes, but they know their odds are long. Before long, the find the empress herself, and it the time for planning and talk passes. Eternal Empire is one of those fantasy stories […]

Sleepless #1 cover by Leila del Duca

Sleepless #1 Review: Jane Austen but Royal and Boring

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] In a kingdom, there is a princess named Pyppenia. She is protected by a Sleepless Knight named Cyrenic. She goes to coronation of the new king, whom is her uncle Surno. Pyppenia, or "Poppy," is the daughter of a former king now dead. There is tension with the new king taking the throne, […]

Sammie Reads: Teen Dog #3, Copperhead #3 And Alex + Ada #10

The worst part is, I know that the creative team of Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn are intentionally pulling on my heart strings because they KNOW I just simply can't put this book down The last couple of issues have left me in a state of downright depression worrying over Ada and Alex not being[...]

Image Watch: On Alex+Ada Being The Most Underrated Series Being Published

By David Dissanayake I once bumped into Sarah Vaughn, co-creator of Image Comics' Alex+Ada (with Jonathan Luna), without knowing it.  I was going to my old local comic shop, Big Planet Comics, on U St in Washington, DC.  It was a Wednesday, and I was in a terrible mood after an exceptionally long day of exceptionally annoying[...]