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The Flash
He knows who Savitar is and it becomes a moral conundrum to Barry and the team to let Abra Kadabra go in order to get Savitar's identity It's one of those great morality plays Can you be a hero if you do one bad thing for the greater good? Nineteen is called 'The Once And Future[...]
Here's What The Big Bad For The Flash Season 4 Won't Be…
Barry Allen has already had to deal with Reverse-Flash, Zoom and now Savitar… so having a non-speedster big bad would be a real change of pace My hope, as I've stated in the past, would be to focus more heavily on the Rogues and bring back Captain Cold and Heatwave. But… the conspiracy theorist in me[...]
Whatever Happened To Our Barry Allen?
This article contains spoilers for the Flash episode – Wrath of Savitar. . . . . . This entire season is based on the decision Barry Allen made to go back and save his mom And then when he had his mom and dad, he realized he would lose his powers and couldn't save people, so he put it back[...]
Wally West
Last week ended with Kid Flash heading out to pick up a Big Belly Burger when he ran into Savitar… except Savitar is supposed to be trapped in the Speed Force Why is Wally West seeing him and now one else is? Executive producer Aaron Helbing takes us inside tonight's episode and gives us a[...]
Extended Trailer For The Flash Mid-Season Return
We see the Cisco Ramon is going to help Barry Allen travel to the future where Savitar kills Iris West so he can figure out the things that happen to lead up to the murder… and hopefully change them I'm sure that won't cause problems. Wow, this year is already going by in a Flash…[...]
The Flash – Road Trip To Gorilla City
We've got some tidbits of things for the return of the Flash, which happens on January 24th at 8 PM on the CW. We know that we'll be getting to see new characters like Gypsy and someone who looks like the Accelerated Man from Earth-19. We also know that Jesse Quick will be returning pretty early on[...]
CW's The Flash: Today, Tomorrow And Beyond
We knew going in that the third season would start with Flashpoint and that we'd be dealing with Doctor Alchemy and Savitar The idea of a third season with a speedster main villain worried me I was hoping we'd get away from the speedster villains and lighten the series back up Well, the new season[...]
Speedsters As Far As The Eye Can See – The Flash Mid-Season Finale
All in time for the mid-season break. We start with Barry popping over to Earth-3 to have a chat with Jay Garrick about Savitar Jay comes back with Barry and tells him about the legends How Savitar only appears to speedsters that he feesl are a threat to being faster Jay's never seen him Meanwhile Cisco[...]
Legacy Matters As The Flash Tries To Figure Out Savitar
That is being played up in the Flash storyline where Savitar has come to town Barry Allen is in way over his head and he's going to Jay Garrick for help Word is that Garrick will play a bigger role in the rest of the season starting with the mid-season finale tonight. In the video below,[...]
Jay Garrick Returns For Flash Mid-Season Finale
Also we see Doctor Alchemy doing something with his stone in what appears to be a graveyard… and Barry Allen asking Jay if he can see Savitar. The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM on the CW. The CW has released a trailer for the mid-season finale of The Flash[...]
Caitlin Becomes Killer And Alchemy Is Revealed
It's one of those episodes that that you have to sit back and really think about everything after and what the ramifications might be. We pick up immediately where last week left off: Flash in the clutches of Savitar, Joe West taking on the acolytes and Alchemy and Wally West in a cocoon Only Barry Allen[...]
How Many Villains Can You Fit Into An Episode Of The Flash
Enter Savitar, the God of Speed and he looks NOTHING like the comic version More of a giant creature made of silver or mercury. The episode ends with Wally having picked up Alchemy's stone (Philosopher's Stone maybe) and ending up in a cocoon… explaining the husks they've been finding Barry pinned to the ceiling by Savitar[...]
Savitar Is Coming Sooner Than Expected
We've already met Doctor Alchemy and we'll soon be meeting Savitar, the God of Speed That is a title that would look awesome on a business card With two main villains, it would seem likely that we'd get the second at the mid-season finale… turns out no Executive Producer Greg Berlanti told People will have[...]
How Soon We'll We See Savitar On The Flash?
Gustin and Greg Berlanti hinted that Savitar, the God of Motion would be along very quickly. The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM on the CW. At the EW Popfest, a young boy asked Grant Gustin when we'll get another evil speedster on The Flash The answer to that is very soon Gustin and Greg Berlanti[...]