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The Flash Season 4: What Do We Think About The Thinker?
But Zoom was too similar to Reverse-Flash. Season 3 we met Savitar, the third speedster big bad that was faster than Barry, and I think Fans were tired of it The writers put in some interesting twists like starting the season out with Flashpoint, introducing Doctor Alchemy (Tom Fleton) and playing with past and future along[...]
Crossing The Finish Line – Season Finale Of The Flash
tries to make up for his mistake of letting Savitar know where Iris was This was extra sad in that he had just started a relationship with Tracy Brand (Anne Dudek) But from that point forward, the show took a lot of twists. H.R sacrifice changes the future and makes Savitar a time anomaly, which should[...]
The Flash Season Finale – Live Blog
Supergirl vs Rhea, Green Arrow vs Prometheus and of course Flash vs Savitar The Supergirl showdown caused by her people and how the destruction of Krypton also destroyed Daxam Arrow showdown is based on Oliver Queen's actions creating Prometheus and of course Barry is still dealing with the fallout from Flashpoint and he's literally fighting[...]
The Flash/Savitar Showdown Won't Be What We Expect
We are just three days from The Flash season finale and the showdown between Flash and Savitar But is it the type of showdown we would expect from a Flash finale? Lots of speeding around with yellow and blue lightning and the occasional slow motion punch…maybe not Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told There will be[...]
10 Images From The Flash Season Finale
The synopsis says: With nothing left to lose, Barry (Grant Gustin) takes on Savitar (also Grant Gustin) in an epic conclusion to season three Interesting to note who we don't see in any of the photos: H.R Wells and Tracy Brandt Not surprised about Brandt, but H.R (Tom Cavanagh) would be around… unless he was dead or[...]
The Flash: "Cause And Effect" Starts Silly And Ends Strong
Cause and Effect was coming across as a silly, sitcom style throwaway episode that I would've expected a show in its third season to be well past doing. Cisco Ramon decides to prevent Barry from making new memories so Savitar (future Barry Allen time remnant) would not know what they were planning There was no way[...]
Cisco Makes A Slight Miscalculation On Tonight's Flash
If you've seen last weeks episode of The Flash, then you know the big reveal of who Savitar is… and if you haven't, why are you looking at trailers for tonight? . . Now that Team Flash knows that Savitar is future Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and he knows everything they're going to do because he was there…[...]
New Flash Sizzle Reel Includes The Return Of (Spoiler)
Not only do we get to see more of Savitar and find out a bit about what he's trying to do and why he wants to kill Iris West… But we see the return of some fan-favorite Rogues including one who seems to be helping the team with a plan I won't say who as not[...]
Does The Savitar Reveal Tie Into Barry's Message To Rip Hunter?
Skip this if you aren't caught up on this week's The Flash and have avoided the internet spoilers until now… . . . . . Wit the reveal that Savitar is a future version of Barry Allen, some folks have been wondering if that is what the message that Barry sent Rip Hunter was all about Remember that? He told Rip[...]
Savitar Revealed – Thoughts On Flash: I Know Who You Are
This article definitely contains spoilers for the Flash episode – I Know Who You Are. . . . . . Last night was the reveal of Savitar, but it was also all about relationships Joe and Cecile moving to the next level, Cisco and Caitlin dealing with drastic changes and H.R and Tracy with something new The Flash, deep down, isn't[...]
And Soon We'll Know Who Savitar Is – The Flash Live Blog
What we know going in is the Barry has returned from the future with data on the device that trapped Savitar in the Speed Force and the name of the scientist that built it We also know that Killer Frost is on the loose and has teamed up with Savitar Things are bad… m'kay. Tonight's episode[...]
The Flash Goes Full Terminator In New Episode
Tonight's episode of the Flash seems to be going full Terminator as Savitar's plan is to have Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) kill Dr Tracy Brand (Anne Dudek) eight years before she invents the device that captures Savitar in the Speed Force Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) and Joe West (Jesse L Martin)[...]
Finding Hope For The Future In The Flash From The Past
This article contains spoilers for the Flash episode – The Once And Future Flash. . . . . . The main thing we got in the most recent episode of the Flash is the answer to the question, what would Team Flash be like without hope? The episode opens with Iris West making Barry Allen promise to be there for her[...]
The Flash
In an effort to find out what he needs to defeat Savitar, Barry Allen races to the future and possibly to the date that appears on the new paper shown by Gideon in the pilot episode April 25th, 2024… okay, today is April 25th and he goes 8 years into the future, so… The future[...]
The Flash
So go away now if you don't want to know. . . . . And I'll be back tomorrow with my episode recap / thoughts, but for now… . . . Next episode, Barry Allen goes to the future to try and learn who Savitar is… and in the preview below we get to see: Now is that future Barry or does Current Barry get[...]