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Deadpool #1 cover by Nic Klein
That said, Skottie Young, Nic Klein, and Scott Hepburn's Deadpool #1 is marginally funnier and not an outright misery-fest, and I will gladly damn with fine praise in this instance. There are some good jokes in this book, and the gags aren't drawn out to fatal lengths Negasonic Teenage Warhead constantly berating Wade shows some self-awareness[...]
X-Men: Bland Design – Learning the Names of the Cast in Spider-Man vs. Deadpool #28
Deadpool #28 Writer: Robbie Thompson Artists: Chris Bachalo and Matt Horak Inkers: Matt Horak, Livesay, Tim Townsend, Victor Olazaba, and Wayne Faucher Colorist: Chris O'Halloran Letterer: Joe Sabino Cover: Scott Hepburn and Ian Herring Last issue was our first experience with this comic, and we weren't impressed Despite being the first issue of a new story arc, the comic did little to[...]
A Marvellous Christmas Gift! Power Man and Iron Fist Sweet Christmas
Walker, Scott Hepburn and Matt Milla. Without going into spoilers for the book, let me just say that is an absolute delight. I think most would agree that this year has been a very trying one, and with so many hardships and uncertain times ahead, finding the spirit of the season has proven difficult. Variant Cover by Kris[...]