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“The Witcher” Episode 8 Review: “Much More” is a Promise, But Does The Show Keep it?
Season one is about moving towards that goal. Showrunner Lauren Hissrich said she has seven seasons of the show planned Netflix' policy these days is to cancel a show after three seasons maximum to make way for new shows unless it's really popular Let's hope Season 2 gets popular enough for Netflix to adapt the entire[...]
Marvel Comics Liquidates Their Season One Hardcovers – All But One (UPDATE)
And launched a hardcover line of original graphic novels called Season One. And what's more, they could do more of them. So in 2011, they launched Season One, with a bevy of familiar names, at $24.99 each. Fantastic Four: Season One by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and David Marquez X-Men: Season One by Dennis Hopeless and Jamie McKelvie Daredevil: Season One by[...]
Unboxing Avengers DVD And Season One "Graphic Novel"
But take a look for yourself, bought exclusively from Asda today. [youtube][/youtube] It's a fun, witty read, giving us a series of Avengers stories, and we get a good run through the cast of the comic, with an eye to the movie watchers, but the shifting artists from chapter to chapter makes this rub a little raw[...]
Howard Chaykin And Gerald Parel's Iron Man Season One?
But for those wondering when Marvel would add Iron Man to their Season One series of original graphic novels, it's good news for 2013 And Howard Chaykin and Gerald Parel are pretty decent names to drop as well… God bless Amazon For giving us listings like this. Of course, it has been known for a while[...]
The Full Creative Team for Avengers Season One
The full creative team for the Avengers Season One original graphic novel, as previously mentioned on Bleeding Cool, packaged exclusively with the Avengers Blu-Ray in Walmart in the USA, and with the Avengers Assemble DVD in Asda in the UK. Writer: Peter David Artists: Andrea DiVito, Jon Buran, Nigel Raynor, and Mike Bowden & Walden Wong Color Artist:[...]
Andrea DiVito On Avengers Season One
Here's the packaging for Marvel's Avengers Season One original graphic novel, being sold with the Avengers Blu Ray in the US in Walmart  and with the Avengers Assemble DVD in the UK in Asda. Peter David has owned up to being the writer, but the artist is still a mystery, The cover looks like Adi Granov,[...]
Peter David Writes Avengers Season One
The other day, Bleeding Cool broke the news that the mysteriously-absent Avengers Season One original graphic novel would be released by Walmart and Asda as part of an exclusive DVD/Blu Ray combo deal. Some mocked Bleeding Cool's reportage, insisting that it would be some anthology, collection of reprinted tales and smaller than we claimed. But then the[...]
Game Of Thrones, Season One Recap, In Song…
But can you remember everything that happened in Season One? I mean you could watch the just-released DVD, but that's a serious time commitment, you haven't got that long until the new season starts How about if you could do it all in two minutes forty seconds, in a musical format? Bleeding Cool is proud to[...]
Welcome… To Comics Tuesdays
The week after next, Marvel's new Earth Season One original graphic novels begin publication. But rather than being on sale on Wednesday as you might expect, one comics retailer tells me that they will be able to sell them from Tuesday, the day before, as and when they receive them. That's because Tuesday is the on-sale date[...]
Designing Hulk Season One
Hulk Season One is a new original graphic novel coming out from Marvel this year by Fred Van Lente and Tom Fowler. And how will the Hulk or, say, General Ross, look in this new version of the story? Well Tom Fowler has been showing off his sculpting skills…     And also a non-official teaser image of the[...]
Marvel's Season One, Dressed To Kill In Disney Stores?
This is the "dress" for the new Season One original graphic novels from Marvel for 2012 tht have nothing whatsover to do with DC's Earth One line of original graphic novels, honest. And why the change in heart over commissioning original graphic novels? It couldn't be that Disney have been publishing a number of rater dull[...]
Preview: Jamie McKelvie's X-Men Season One
And if he's in the pub tomorrow night, I may well be offering to buy him a drink based on this preview of X-Men: Season One, the OGN that you'll be finding across Disney's distribution platforms next year… Sweet. I do like Jamie McKelvie's art I also like Jamie McKelvie And if he's in the pub[...]
A Low Res Look At Marvel Season One Original Graphic Novels
Marvel gave CBR some rather nice images from the upcoming Fantastic Four Season One OGN hardcover by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and David Marquez. Sadly, Bleeding Cool doesn't get things like that But that's okay, here are some more pages that weren't included in that In very low res Sorry. Even this Jamie McKelvie art from Fantastic Four Season[...]
Marvel's Creative Line Up For Season One Original Graphic Novels
But also the success of the Earth One Superman original graphic novel for DC, still in the charts. Either way, The Earth Season One graphic novels have had their full creative lineup revealed The classic origin stories of the characters, retold by modern creators with an eye to new readers And all in continuity… Fantastic Four: Season[...]