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SEGA Of America's Staff To Work From Home During Coronavirus
This time around we get one concerning SEGA of America In what probably should have been released over a week ago, and kinda reads like the rest, the company published a statement from their CEO on Twitter Basically assuring fans they would continue working and they would be doing it from home You can read[...]
The ESA Adds Six New Member Companies to the Mix in 2019
Those six companies are Intellivision Entertainment, Natsume Inc., Riot Games, SEGA of America, THQ Nordic, and Wizards of the Coast All six will have the same rights and privileges as others currently do who sit on the ESA, as they all work together to help make the gaming industry better in certain areas like First Amendment[...]
Ian Curran Appointed COO and President of SEGA of America
Hiraoka has made to lay the groundwork for our operations in the Americas," said Ian Curran, COO and President, SEGA of America, who will lead Atlus U.S.A later this year "Coming off the success of Persona 5, Sonic Forces, Sonic Mania Plus, and the Yakuza series, and with so much more on the horizon, including Valkyria Chronicles 4, it[...]