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Good New For Indies: Koyama Press Expands To Digital, Opens With A Sale This Weekend
Fan of indie comics? Prefer digital graphic novels? Koyama Press have made the move with many of their titles now available digitally through the Sequential app, and to kick off the new format offerings of their favorites, they are running a sale on those titles this weekend, November 8th and 9th. [Digitized Kickass Annie by Ian[...]
League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Roses Of Berlin Out Early, Today, On Digital
The Sequential App, which specialises in publishing and distributing select graphic novels, creating a boutique store, has the new League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen graphic novella, Roses Of Berlin, by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill out today. It's not yet available on ComiXology, nor in print, this appears to be a deliberate early sale to help promote[...]