Jimmie Robinson Brings Back Bomb Queen With Donald Trump For August

Bomb Queen Comes Back to Fight Donald Trump in the Election

Bomb Queen was created in 2006 by Jimmie Robinson, and published by ShadowLine/Image Comics. Over the years she appeared in seven limited series, four single-issue specials, and a crossover in Savage Dragon, but has not had her own series since 2012. But in 2020, she's back and she appears to be bringing Donald Trump with […]

Rat Queens #9 cover by Leila del Duca and Owen Gieni

Rat Queens Vol. 2 #9 Advance Review: How Things Turn Out

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Dee relives the split between the Rat Queens and Hannah, and we see how things turn out for the Queens 20 years down the line. Dee returns to the life she had with her family and becomes the head of her village's religion. Violet marries, has a large family, and becomes the ruler […]

Image's Hiding in Time Optioned for Series by MGM Television

MGM Television is signing up for a very different kind of Witness Protection Program, securing the rights to comic book series Hiding in Time. Written by Christopher E. Long and illustrated by Ryan Winn, the Image Comics mini-series was published under the Shadowline Comics label in 2007. In Her Name's Richard Smith is attached to […]

Rat Queens Returns And We Have A Preview

This week, after a month and a half delay, we get the 15th issue of Rat Queens from Shadowline / Image Comics. The issue is written by Kurtis J. Wiebe and drawn by Tess Fowler and is the fifth part of the Demons story arc. A betrayal changes the Rat Queens FOREVER! Prepare to be […]

With Great Power Comes The Desire For No Responsibility

Power corrupts… absolute power corrupts absolutely… that is a saying we have heard over and over again. But what if power is giving to someone who doesn't want to corrupt nor do good? What if its given to a slacker who just wants to have fun and hang with his friends? That is what happens […]

Jimmie Robinson's Empty #2 Hits Shelves Tomorrow

Jimmie Robinson is one of the most versatile artists in the industry. His books include Bomb Queen, Evil & Malice, Avigon, Amanda And Gunn and Five Weapons. He has a new series out called The Empty and the second issue is in comic shops this week. Jim Valentino, Image co-founder and head of Shadowline, posted […]

Roc Upchurch's Final Cover For Rat Queens?

It hasn't been published online by Image Comics. But┬ádepending on the results of charges against him, this could be Roc Upchurch's final cover of Rat Queens, the secondary cover to Rat Queens Special: Braga, written by Kurtis Wiebe and drawn by Tess Fowler, published today. And for those who asked, Upchurch is still listed as […]

Late Night Fun – How Different Artist Interpret The Same Layout

Being the age I am, when someone mentions of the Guardians of the Galaxy I think of Yondu, Martinex, Charlie-27 and Starhawk… I also think of the work of Jim Valentino. Jim of course was one of the founders of Image Comics and runs Shadowline which puts out a lot of amazing books. Check out […]

Humans Are An Endangered Species In The Superannuated Man

We've got a little more information now on a book that was announced at the Image Expo. In a new six-issue miniseries from Shadowline, Ted McKeever takes us into a dystopian world in The Superannuated Man. By the time most people realized it, they were no longer in charge of the world we know. In […]

Write Or Wrong #74 – Write Angry by Dirk Manning

Dirk Manning writes; Have you ever seen the full "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!" speech from the film Network? If not, or even if you have, it's worth seeing again for the sake of this column. Take a moment to go ahead and watch it and get yourself […]