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Tonight is Shock Drive Genesect Raid Hour in Pokémon GO
Tonight is Shock Drive Genesect Raid Hour in Pokémon GO Tonight, from 6 PM – 7 PM, Tier Five raids will be popping at most Gyms in the game with all of them featuring the Mythical Genesect with a Shock Drive that allows it to use an Electric-type variant of its Technoblast move when caught[...]
Shock Drive Genesect Raid Guide for Pokémon GO Players
With Burn and Douse out of the way, we are now getting Shock Drive Genesect This special version of the Mythical Genesect debuts as the next Tier Five raid boss It will be the subject of the next Raid Hour and will be available before and during the upcoming Power Plant event With this Raid[...]
Can Shock Drive Genesect Be Shiny in Pokémon GO?
This weekend, Shock Drive Genesect will be released in Pokémon GO What we're here to answer is the big question: Will Shock Drive Genesect be available to encounter in its Shiny form? Genesect in Pokémon GO Credit: Niantic Nope! Okay, see you guys later! There are five versions of Genesect that exist in the world of Pokémon and four we[...]