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Heading into this week's episode of AMC's Dispatches from Elsewhere, Peter (Jason Segel), Simone (Eve Lindley), Janice (Sally Field), and Fredwynn (Andre Benjamin) are beginning to piece together the "artistic" clues that connect Clara and the Elsewhere Society with the Jejune Institute – and how that's connected with her disappearance. But even as evidence of the[...]
The Good Place Review, "The Answer"
Welcome to the afterlife! Let's begin. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Season 4: First Look – The Good Place ( So, we open with the new neighborhood and the new humans hand picked by the bad place – John (a gossip blogger sent to get under Tahani's perfectly moisturized skin); Brent (a middle aged[...]
A New Adventure for Simone And Ajax
The Adventures of Simone & Ajax is a new weekly webcomic by Andrew Pepoy that's been running  in a variety of forms over the last few years (most recently collected by IDW) in an Archie Comics-meets-Pirates Of The Carribean sort of fashion With a twenty-something young woman and her small, green dinosaur, Ajax. Eisner Award-winning Pepoy[...]
Crossing Boarders #3 by Andrew Goletz: Gathering the Gatherers
Gail Simone's support of and eventual participation with The Gathering gave us a lot more attention and made the idea of doing a story with us much more appealing to other comic book pros Just this past week I received a fantastic script from Sterling Gates for a volume that won't see print for several[...]