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Amazing Spider-Man #49 Review: Fighting With No Conclusion
Credit: Marvel   The murderous Sin-Eater has reborn with a new shtick — blasting criminals with a shotgun, leaving them completely reformed and powerless, those powers flowing into Sin-Eater Already on his playlist is a host of very wild abilities: Count Nefaria, Whirlwind, the Living Laser, and Mister Negative, just to get warmed up In the last[...]
Will Amazing Spider-Man Lead Into The Reckoning War Too? (Spoilers)
NAnd Norman is being quite the dick as Spider-Man is trying to save him from the Sin-Eater. He is seeking out the Sin-Eater to remove his powers and absolve him of his actions, presumably as the mobster boss rather than the philanthropic side of his nature And the Sin-Eater does so.   And that's when we get a[...]
Daredevil season 3
SERIES REGULAR I've seen a few websites take that description and extrapolate it out to being a sign that they're going to bring in the Sin-Eater The argument is that Stanley Carter was a S.H.I.E.L.D agent who volunteered for an experimental procedure using PCP-like substances to give him enhanced strength and endurance[...]