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New York Toy Fair: Mezco Toyz Dazzles with One:12 Collective, Debuts 5 Points Line

Mezco Toyz had maybe the busiest booth on the floor of Toy Fair today, as figure fans flocked to the booth to see the latest offerings in their insanely popular One:12 Collective line of figures. Almost every release is an instant sell-out, with the figures featuring some of the best sculpts, best accessories, and amazing […]

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg's Six Billion Dollar Man Film Needs A New Director

The Mark Wahlberg-starring adjusted-for-inflation Six Billion Dollar Man film reboot of Six Million Dollar Man is without a director currently. Apparently Damian Szifron (Hermanos y detectives, Wild Tales) has excited the project after joining three years ago. Originally slated to be released by The Weinstein Company, SBDM was saved from the ever-circling bankruptcy hell by Warner Bros. Pictures for a crisp and cool […]

Unicron Returns to Transformers and the Brat Pack Returns to Comics: IDW Publishing July 2018 Solicits

The world-eating Unicron makes his return to IDW Publishing's Transformers comic books under creators John Barber and Alex Milne this July. Plus, Rick Veitch's Brat Pack returns, relive the Star Wars comic strips, and more new projects from the publisher. This is in addition to their regular G.I. Joe, Transformers, TMNT, and other offerings. Full solicits below. Transformers: Unicron #1 (of 6)—Cover A: Alex Milne—GEM OF THE MONTH […]

Star Trek: The Next Generation Travel to the Mirror Universe in IDW May 2018 Solicits

Star Trek the Next Generation: Through the Mirror kicks off from writers Scott and David Tipton with artists like Marcus To, Chris Johnson, and J.K. Woodward. Image's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Urban Legends is receiving an in-color reprint. Plus, Sonic the Hedgehog, G.I. Joe, Transformers, and other books continue onwards. All this comes out this May courtesy of IDW Publishing. More details below. Star Trek: The Next Generation: Through […]

Sonic the Hedgehog Runs Once More: IDW Publishing April 2018 Solicitations

Sonic the Hedgehog takes off once more from creative team Ian Flynn, Tracy Yardley, and Tyson Hesse from IDW Publishing this April. Plus, more from TMNT, GI Joe, X-Files, Star Trek Goosebumps, and more. Details below. Sonic the Hedgehog #1—Cover A: Tyson Hesse—GEM OF THE MONTH Ian Flynn (w) • Tracy Yardley (a) • Tyson Hesse (c) SONIC'S RACING […]

Richard Anderson

Six Million Dollar Man Actor Richard Anderson Passes Away At 91

If you grew up in the '70s, then you were aware of the Six Million Dollar Man and its spinoff series The Bionic Woman. Lee Majors and Lindsey Wagner became household names and with it were there boss Oscar Goldman. Richard Anderson, who played the role on both series simultaneously, passed away on Thursday in […]

Van Jansen Explains That One-Panel Issue Of Six Million Dollar Man

The Six Million Dollar Man: Fall of Man comic sees its trade go on sale today from Dynamite Entertainment. Written by Van Jensen with art by Ron Salas, the series has many high points but none so talked about by fans and pros alike as Issue #3 which is, in effect, one loooooong panel. Below, […]

Exclusive Extended Preview Of Wolfcop #1 And Six Million Dollar Man: Fall Of Man #5

This weeks exclusive extended previews from Dynamite Entertainment includes the second issue of Wolfcop by Max Marks and Allan Otero and the fifth issue of Six Million Dollar Man: Fall of Man by Van Jensen and Ron Salas. Wolfcop #2 writer: Max Marks artist: Allan Otero, Arcana Studios covers: Dean Motter (a) "WOLFCOP: LITTLE BROTHEL OF HORRORS […]

It's Steve Austin Vs The OSI In Latest Six Million Dollar Man

Here it is, the issue of the giant panel. Steve Austin fighting on a train and writer Van Jensen had artist Ron Salas do it all in one panel that goes over the length of the book. Jensen talks with Byron Brewer about how Austin is now at odds with the organization that made him […]

Exclusive Extended Previews Of Vampirella #6 And Six Million Dollar Man #2

Today we have two exclusive extended previews for books shipping from Dynamite this week. Starting off with Van Jensen and Ron Salas' second issue of Six Million Dollar Man: Fall of Man and then the sixth issue of Kate Leth and Eman Casallos' Vampirella Vol 3. Six Million Dollar Man: Fall of Man #2 writer: […]

Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's Media Tie-In Titles For October 2016

We've been showing you exclusive first looks at Dynamite's covers and solicitations for their titles shipping in October 2016. Well, this is the big one. The Media Tie-in group. From television tie-ins like Battlestar Galactica, Grimm and The Six Million Dollar Man, animated series like Bob's Burgers and Brickleberry or internet sensations like the Smosh […]

Steve Austin Vs Ninjas In Six Million Dollar Man: Fall Of Man

Van Jensen talks Six Million Dollar Man: Fall of Man #1, on sale in July from Dynamite. Covers by Ron Salas and David Ryan Robinson. BYRON BREWER: Van, first, tell us how it feels to be writing for Dynamite. VAN JENSON: It's a big honor. I've known of Dynamite and admired their books for years, […]

Van Jensen Can Rebuild The Six Million Dollar Man For Dynamite

One of the announcements coming out of Emerald City Con is that writer Van Jensen and artist Ron Salas will be continuing the story of former astronaut Steve Austin, who after a severe crash was turned into the Six Million Dollar Man. That's not really an impressive amount of money now, but back in 1979 […]

Lee Majors 'The Bionic Man' Q&A From MCM Birmingham

By Olly MacNamee With a remake of the Six Million Dollar Man on the cards there was no better time for Lee Majors to make his first ever UK con appearance this year at MCM's Birmingham show. The panel I sat in on, on the Sunday, was packed out and Majors was more than happy […]