Generation X Reunions In ResurrXion

Generation X Reunions In ResurrXion

Skin was last seen crucified on the X-Mansion lawn and then unceremoniously cremated against his wishes and given a headstone at a cemetery with the wrong name Synch was blown up Franklin Richards is currently playing god and remaking Marvel's multiverse And Penance and Mondo...well, we could be here for ages discussing all that went[...]

The Jokers Mask For Batman: Death Of The Family Box Set

The Joker's Mask For Batman: Death Of The Family Box Set

We know that, as with the Batman: Court Of Owls and V For Vendetta mask/box set, DC Comics will be publishing a Batman: Death Of The Family collection with a Joker skin mask in September The skin masks will also be available separately to attendees at San Diego Comic Con, according to folks who attended MegaCon[...]

Milligan And McCarthy Talk About&#8230 Everything On Wednesday

Milligan And McCarthy Talk About… Everything, On Wednesday

You could buy a used copy of Skin by Milligan and McCarthy on Amazon for over £27.Or on Wednesday at 7.30pm, you could go to Gosh Comics in London to hear Peter Milligan and Brendan McCarthy doing a talk and Q&A about their new book from Dark Horse that collects the very best of their hard-to-find[...]