Com2uS Releases New Gameplay Preview for Skylanders: Ring of Heroes

Com2uS has revealed a new gameplay preview for their upcoming mobile RPG Skylanders: Ring of Heroes The video is essentially a how-to guide to getting started in Ring of Heroes, though it also provides a preview of the overall gameplay experience It's got a turn-based battle system that values strategy over speed, which is great for mobile[...]

Crash Bandicoot Looks To Be Making A Return… In Skylanders

There was a rumour on NeoGAF the other day that the character would be returning, but rather than in his own game, it would be in Skylanders Imaginators this year The rumour has just gotten a big boost As spotted by NeoGAF again, a tab turned up on the official Skylanders site that had a non-functional[...]

Skylanders Battlecast Is Hearthstone…But Not Really.

Well, now you can...sort of...Skylanders has mimicked Hearthstone with their new game Skylanders Battlecast. That card design looks a bit familiar doesn't it?Thankfully, they still make commercials that show a bunch of kids playing it so we can get a feel for what the game is all about...[embed][/embed]Skylanders Battlecast takes the extensive roster of characters in the series[...]

Skylanders Superchargers Gets A Launch Trailer

What with Disney Infinity 3.0 just gone and LEGO Dimensions around the corner, the genre clearly has a huge interest surrounding it right now.This is totally ignoring the father of this series, Skylanders, too, which is right around the corner Skylander Superchargers is going to be an important instalment for the series with such fierce[...]

Kirby And Star Fox Were Considered For Skylanders Toys

The toys-to-life cross over dream team will make its debut in Skylanders: Superchargers this fall.They weren't the only characters considered for this though Apparently both Kirby and Fox McCloud came pretty close to becoming Skylanders too According to The HDR Room (via Destructoid), the two Nintendo characters were going to be part of this cross[...]

The 21 Free Comics For Halloween Comic Fest This Year – Sabrina To Strange To Skylanders To Stan

They can't be seen by the human eye, but they're everywhere, and whether they're phantoms or everyday objects discovering their higher purpose, Yo-kai personalities are distinctly humanlike!HCF 2015 SKYLANDERS HALLOWEEN SPEC MINI COMIC DIAMOND PUBLICATIONS (W) Ron Marz, David Rodriguez (A/CA) Fico Ossio Happy Halloween from Skylands! Enjoy this special comic treat as we introduce you to the[...]

Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing Out In September

It's a new year, which means there will be a new Skylanders gimmick And that is alright in my book I actually really enjoy the franchise and seeing Activision adding a new element to the series each year keeps things fresh.This year, the new spin is all about vehicles, bringing the cute cast of characters[...]

Both Disney Infinity And Skylanders Think They Sold The Most Toys

Amiibos, Skylanders and Disney Infinity are all fighting for similar audiences and trying to pry money away from parents' (or collectors') wallets.Well, this fight looked over earlier this week as Disney announced that via NPD numbers, Infinity had increased market share in the genre from 43% percent to 47% and that it outsold its nearest competitor[...]

IDW's Sampler For Kids This Autumn – While Rocket And Figment Get More Printings

IDW are making a Bqck To School Kids Edition sampler of their published  Skylanders, Angry Birds, My Little Pony and Cartoon Network comics.And then throwing in sneak peeks of TMNT/Ghostbusters and Edward Scissorhands while they're at it Ask your comic store owner if he or she will be getting any in.And some Prints Charming news for your Marvel all ages titles:[...]

First Look At The Skylanders Comic From IDW

Skylanders It's a big deal.And now it's a big comic book.Expect it to be a little comic book as well some time, being shrunk down and distributed in foil packs in Wal-Mart and the like.But for now, it's all big...Skylanders It's a big deal.And now it's a big comic book.Expect[...]

Hyperbole Theater: GameStop – Celebrating The World's Greatest Games Retailer

By Jared CorneliusIt's 12 PM on a Tuesday and I enter the parking lot of a dilapidated strip mall with only one thing on my mind, video games.  I park near a row of cars with stick figure families proudly displayed in every back window and begin my trek to the most wonderful of stores.  A place where only[...]