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YouTuber Shirley Curry is taking a break to get her health in order.
YouTuber Shirley "Skyrim Grandma" Curry has been taking a two-week break from filming new videos in a bid to take charge of her health It appears she's been feeling mistreated and harassed by some commenters who have not only been backseating obnoxiously during her videos, but downright stressing her out to the point where she[...]
elder scrolls 6
Popular YouTube streamer Shirley Currey, better known as "Skyrim Grandma" has achieved the ultimate fan dream: she will now be part of the game series she loves so much Bethesda has added Curry as an NPC for The Elder Scrolls VI. From DualShockers: A petition was then started by Reddit user phantom-scribbler when they decided to try and help Shirley to[...]