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Fortnite Logan Paul
In a statement that shouldn't catch anyone by surprise, a former Sony Online Entertainment CEO says money is the reason crossplay isn't happening When the entire Fortnite controversy with PS4 players having to make new accounts on their Nintendo Switch broke out, people were pissed off and yet unsurprised by Sony's decision not to participate[...]
Amazon Game Studios Announces John Smedley To Head San Diego Office
John Smedley, formerly of Sony Online Entertainment and Daybreak, is perhaps best known for his work on EverQuest and Planetside, so with a background in MMOs, you'd expect something massive from Smedley's team Honestly just with his name attached, we were going to start keeping an eye out for a massive online game to come out of[...]
Planetside 2 Director Leaves The Developer Formerly Known As Sony Online Entertainment
Planetside 2 is probably one of the most successful titles developed by Daybreak Game Company in the last few years, who until recently, were known as Sony Online Entertainment The massively multiplayer first person shooter also recently broke the world record for the most players in a sinalge FPS game at one time.  Unfortunately, the game has[...]
The SML Podcast – Interviewing The Mad Men Of #IDARB
We legitimately talk about #IDARB for like 2 minutes in the middle there before going back to not talking about anything serious. We eventually get to the time honored tradition of Four For February and as luck would have it, this is the second year in a row that Adam Rippon joins us for the festivities![...]
Sony Have Sold Sony Online Entertainment, Who Are Now The Daybreak Game Company
Sony Online Entertainment have always felt like a bit of a odd developer, somewhat caught out of time They looked like they were a division of Sony still trying to capitalize into the already burst bubble of MMOs.They've continued to create popular online games, but they've never blown up the market in the way I'm[...]