The SML Podcast – Interviewing The Mad Men Of #IDARB

By Joe Cammisa



Monday night is here and it's time for The SML Podcast Episode 104: The #IDARB Anniversary Show, here on Bleeding Cool!

Episode 104 marks the two year anniversary of The SML Podcast. That's right, we've been doing this for two years now which proves that we have no lives and hate ourselves and we can't wait to keep doing this!

Episode 104 also marks what I might personally call our best episode to date as we are once again joined by #IDARB creator Mike Mika and Dragon Fantasy creator Adam Rippon to regale us with insane stories, but this time they've brought backup in #IDARB composer Bob Baffy. Or was it Bob Backlund?

The show starts off with comparisons of how drunk they may or may not be, followed up by a cover band setlist and something about dicks, then we just go off for a while about that. We legitimately talk about #IDARB for like 2 minutes in the middle there before going back to not talking about anything serious.

We eventually get to the time honored tradition of Four For February and as luck would have it, this is the second year in a row that Adam Rippon joins us for the festivities! We discuss our own personal picks for the event and agree to reunite in a month to discuss how things went.

We finish off the week talking about the sale of Sony Online Entertainment and what it can mean for franchises like H1Z1, DC Universe Online, Planetside, and Everquest and how it's pretty much a certainty that Xbox owners will finally get to join the fun of those formerly Sony exclusives.

Check out the mp3 of the show here or check out the YouTube version!

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Music this week is all Bob Baffy, all the time. The main draw is the BRAND NEW and UNRELEASED Credits Part II song from #IDARB! This isn't even in the game yet and you can hear it first on SML! After that is a pack of random songs from Bob who himself said "don't worry about titles for those tracks, they're from a bunch of different shit," so there you go. No titles.

Bob Baffy – Credits Part II: Even Creditsier (#IDARB)

Bob Baffy – Random Music From an Insane Person Parts I – VII

Thanks for checking us out and we'll see you next Monday with our next show!

Joe Cammisa is an unemployed nerd who spends his time gaming, hosting The SML Podcast, and sharing pictures of his five cats on Facebook. Yeah, five. You can annoy him on Twitter [] or on pretty much any gaming service under the name JoeCamNet.

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