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Tackling Gay Superheroes Straight In The Pride – Out Today On ComiXology
Groundbreaking books like Spandex, Batwoman, and Rawhide Kid. But, if you'll pardon the play on words, nobody's really tried to tackle the issues straight And that's what The Pride sets out to do It hoists its theme front of centre, and there's purpose to it – a gay superhero team has assembled in order to improve[...]
MCM Expo Debut: Spandex #5
Before X-Men were married, before Kevin Keller came out, before Batwoman looked at Maggie Sawyer in a quizzical fashion, there was Spandex Martin Eden's gay superhero comic book that led a trailblaze in getting mainstream media attention. And five years after that we get a fifth and final issue, giant sized with 52 pages and five[...]
Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh: The Spandex Special
  Adi Tantimedh writes; The seventh issue of Martin Eden's gay superhero team comic SPANDEX has been released this month, marking the end of the series barring a final special issue due out next year. SPANDEX is part of the post-Alan Moore, post-Grant Morrison wave of "How the British do Superheroes" that we've been seeing in recent TV[...]
Look!  It Moves! #105 by Adi Tantimedh: Spandex
Rich has covered SPANDEX before, briefly, but I don't think Bleeding Cool has actually talked about it much Since we're in the midst of superhero coverage, I thought I'd chime in, since I finally got round to reading it. It's been awhile since I wrote a column about comics, because I haven't actually had anything to[...]
Spandex Comic Looks To The Lesbians
Spandex is the all gay superhero comic  by Martin Eden that hit the headlines a couple of years ago Now onto issue four (it's the small press), the book is to take a new direction – women! I know, how disgusting! But it's also possible that some people who may have been put off buying[...]