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All three Boom Studios books have only become hotter since we reported on them, with speculators looking for the next series to be adapted by Netflix in the wake of their massive First Look deal with Boom. Now, it looks like Jeremy Haun and Danny Luckert are the latest Image Comics superstars to find their hottest[...]
X-Liefelds #1 Gets a Surprise Crossover in Keenspot Spotlight
Both books are expected to be potentially lucrative for speculators due to the chance that Liefeld could sue Keenspot for parodying him, as Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston wrote: X-Liefelds #1, by Rob Potchak and Rob Nikolakakis is on most speculators' lists as they wonder if the non-Liefeld Robs will be sued for making fun of[...]
Day Men #2's Lights Up eBay
Bleeding Cool has been following Boom! Studios' original series Day Men with art by Brian Stelfreeze since before it launched. We broke the news that the