Rob Liefeld Will Not Sign The X-Liefelds #1 or Keenspot Spotlight

Earlier today, Bleeding Cool reported on a surprise crossover with Keenspot's  X-Liefelds by Rob Potchak and Rob Nikolakaki in tomorrow's Keenspot Spotlight 2019 #1. Both books are expected to be potentially lucrative for speculators due to the chance that Liefeld could sue Keenspot for parodying him, as Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston wrote:

X-Liefelds #1, by Rob Potchak and Rob Nikolakakis is on most speculators' lists as they wonder if the non-Liefeld Robs will be sued for making fun of their favourite new GI JOE artist. But little to speculators' knowledge, the Spotlight issue has a "crossover" of sorts tying directly into X-Liefelds, as Potchak's other title, Junior High Horrors main characters attempt to purchase a copy of the comic, only to be sold the book by none other than a hooded Rob Liefeld himself. The difference is, the Spotlight has a fraction of the print run X-Liefelds did, and it ties directly in, meaning buyers should be trying to grab Spotlight copies with any of the four covers.

But while speculators may well make their bounty by buying these comics and selling them on eBay, don't expect the Robster himself to add value by signing them. Liefeld quoted Bleeding Cool's article on Twitter and put fans on notice: don't bring him these comics to sign.

Whether or not Liefeld is willing to sign a comic book is a reliable mark of Liefeld's disapproval. Liefeld has recently announced his intentions not to sign facsimile editions of New Mutants #98 due to the production of a new cover for some inexplicable reason when the original cover is famous. He also will not sign Spider-Man/Deadpool #47 due to artist Matt Horak scooping him on the first in-comic appearance of Major X with a cameo in that issue.

So if you're planning to visit Rob Liefeld at a convention appearance — and you should, because he's Rob freaking Liefeld — leave your Keenspot parody books at home. Or better yet, put them up on eBay as "the comic Rob Liefeld refuses to sign."

X-Liefelds #1 Gets a Surprise Crossover in Keenspot Spotlight

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